Laurie Grace Wood

                              Dance Artist, Healing Artist

Private Dance Lessons

Need a special dance or wedding dance created just for you or for a couple?

Need extra help with certain dance steps from class?

Need performance coaching for an upcoming audition or musical?

Want to perform in our annual Dance & Music Show, but need to develop choreography for a solo or group dance with friends?

I offer private dance lessons and individualized dance choreography to fit your skill level and performance needs. We can have our dance lessons in your home if you have an open space, or I can rent a space for us for an additional fee.

One-hour dance lesson - $40 in your home in or near Estes Park, $50 if I have to pay for a rental space.

Please call or email me to set-up an initial dance consultation for free, so I can understand your needs and desires for your dance lessons and how to proceed.

I can't wait to help make your dance dreams come true!

Laurie Wood


[email protected]