Laurie Grace Wood

                              Dance Artist, Healing Artist


Polestar Pilates Post-Rehab Certified, Licensed Massge Therapist, Degree in Modern Dance, studied Dance Kinesiology and Advanced Spinal Pathologies, along with Raindrop, Essential Oils, and many other body sciences and healing modalities.

Mindful Pilates Privates - $50, package of 4 is available. One-hour Mindful Movement sessions are performed mostly on a Pilates Reformer to discover any structural imbalances, and then a protocol is created for future Private sessions and a Home Program to transform and manage those findings for a mindful, pain-free existence. Most spinal, hip, knee, and shoulder pathologies can benefit from Private Pilates and Pilates Mat classes.

*Spinal Health & Awareness

*Deep Core Strengthening & Overall Conditioning

*Postural Education & Balancing

*Mind-Body Connecting & Centering

*Neuromuscular Re-patterning

*Transformation of Faulty Movement Patterns

*Mindful Education for Overall Health & Wellbeing

Individual Pilates Reformer Session - $50

*Package of 4 Sessions – $180

Individual Pilates Mat Session - $40

*Package of 4 Sessions - $140

*Packages are to be used within 3 months.

Cash or check payments made out to Laurie Wood.

Mindful Pilates Mat Classes are held on Fridays 10:30-11:30am at the Estes Valley Community Center. This is an inclusion class for Members and Silver Sneakers. Class includes Basic Pilates and Post-Rehab exercises with lots of stretching and posture education. Safe and effective for most spine and joint pathologies.

Other Healing Arts Offerings:

Therapeutic Massage - $35 half-hour, $65 1-hour, a therapeutic massage combining relaxation techniques with neuromuscular, trigger point, sports, and myofascial release techniques to address any physical discomforts and structural imbalances. Energywork and therapeutic-grade essential oils are added for calming, grounding, and balancing energy.

Raindrop Technique - $75, a facilitated healing and detoxing process that brings structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner through the power of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils. A series of 7 specifically chosen essential oils by creator, Gary Young, plus 3 blends are vita-flexed into the feet and dropped 'like rain drops' through the energy field along the spine and then 'feathered' and massaged into the spinal tissue. Hot towels are then applied to push the oils deeper into the system while the receiver breathes deeply to release unwanted energy. Beneficial for scoliosis, spinal pathologies, viral infection, toxicity, fatigue, stress disorders, addictions, and emotional issues. Also very helpful during life transitions to align and empower your spiritual energy. A series of Raindrops are recommended for chronic conditions. Please do not wear any chemical-based perfumes or lotions for a Raindrop session.

Spiritual/Money-Energy Consulting - $85 hour, session includes spiritual education as to how money-energy is working in your life and how to make positive mindful changes daily to get your money-energy flowing and improving toward your dreams. Session can also be supportive for repairing relationships, understanding addiction and codependency, improving health, artistic desires, and creative entrepreneur endeavors.

Other important info:

*Payments are by cash or check made out to Laurie Wood and are due at the time of service.

*Liability and Intake Forms are to be filled out at first session.

*Love offerings in the form of tips are accepted for Massage and Raindrop sessions.

*Young Living Therapuetic-grade Essential Oils are available for purchasing or ordering.

*Please give at least a 12-hour notice of cancellation and for scheduling or re-scheduling.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

Please contact me for an appointment.


[email protected]