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 ‚ÄčDr. Laurie Grace Wood, PhD

Doctorate in metaphysical Counseling, Energy & Pilates Practitioner,

dancer, CHOREOGRAPHER, Creative Entrepreneur, nature lover

Ageless Boogie Dance

Boogie Shoes Dance Program offers jazz and tap classes to Ageless Adults via Zoom in multi-week class sessions. Dance Classes include a standing warm-up, basic technical skills, stretching, dance step and style development, and choreography, accomplishing a whole dance or two by the end of the session. Due to limited space in our homes and different floorings, we will not be spinning or leaping to stay safe. The dance movements will stay in about a 5' x 5' area. Practice videos will be available on my website under Videos and a passcode is given to enrolled students. Contact me if you need to order a  tap board. Our motto is "Let's keep dancing for JOY no matter our age!"

Ageless Boogie Jazz Dance Class

THURSDAYS 2:00 -3:00 Eastern/ 12:00-1:00 Mountain.

6-week session, November 3 - December 15, skipping November 24 for Thanksgiving.

Ageless Boogie Tap Dance Class -

THURSDAYS 4:00-5:00 Eastern/ 2:00-3:00 Mountain.


$50 for 6-weeks (discount for canceled class)...You receive FREE access to our Video Library as an Enrolled Student with a monthly passcode, which is full of classes, tips, and treats.

Can't take class? NO PROBLEM! Purchase a Monthly Access to our Video Library for only $25/month with a new passcode each month. Video Library includes Tips (short educational videos), Treats (short artistic videos), and months & months of Zoom classes. You can take class whenever you want. Please purchase at the beginning of each month, it does NOT automatically renew.

*NOTE: There are no refunds. Class session fees do not roll over to the next session. Please contact me if there is an emergency or drastic life change that prevents you from finishing a session and we will work something out.

***Please have approval from your doctor to attend Zoom Dance Classes. By purchasing these classes you take sole responsibility of your own health and well-being and your physical ability to perform dance movements and stretches with mindfulness and safety at your own risk.

Once you have purchased below, I will email the Zoom link to you prior to each class.

Please contact me with any questions... [email protected]

Ageless Boogie Jazz Dance


2:00-3:00 Eastern/

12-1:00 Mountain*

6-week Session

November 3 - December 15,

skipping Nov. 24.


Per 1-hour Class/weekly

via Zoom

Plus FREE access to our Video Library!

Ageless Jazz Dance Class Session (includes discount for canceled class last session)

Ageless Boogie Tap Dance


4-5:00 Eastern/

2-3:00 Mountain



Per 1-hour Class/weekly

via Zoom

Plus FREE access to our Video Library!

Ageless Tap Dance Class Session

Monthly Video Access


Per Month

Take any class anytime with passcode

access to our Video Library.

Please purchase at beginning of month.

Monthly Video Access